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JPC Christopher Electric Ltd.

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Service Sawmills/Post-mills

Devon Lumber Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest family-run saw mills in New Brunswick. Saw-Mills and Post-mills are one of many lumber type service repair and maintenance we provide. Gill Products are widely recognized for their quality.

Service Block Plants


The Fredericton plant, which had been making brick for over 80 years, was converted to the manufacture of concrete block. A machine room and five curing chambers were added to the existing building and surplus block-making machinery from other company plants was installed.

Service Baling/Waist Management Systems


Both Baling Systems for Waist and Recycle. Controls and Motors. Sensors, lighting, heat. Ventalation,and automation.

Traffic Controls as well for Entire Site.

Control transformers a must in the automation industry along with power supplies. This gives you low voltage control over high voltage and hydraulics or air.
The voltage ratio is the most important along with the duty amps needed.
This is usually in VAs.
Thinking Green!!!!

Look for it around Fredericton and Oromocto and surrounding areas.


"Add a testimonials about your business here"      - Customer Name

"Add a testimonial about your business here"      - Customer Name


The Official Electric Company For The NB Ex/ FREX

Remote switching installed for laser show, at the NB Ex no battery needed remote system by Schneider Electric.

DL Saw-Mill Woodmizered